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Battlefield LIVE Combat

Celebrating 14 years in Business. Thank you Bakersfield!

Welcome to Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield—a completely mobile revolutionary live gaming laser skirmish combat adventure serving all of Bakersfield and surrounding areas. Laser skirmish is a tactical game of stealth also known as outdoor laser-tag or electronic paintball.

 Imagine your very own battlefield in your backyard or business parking lot. If you ever wanted to play paintball or airsoft but were afraid of getting hurt, now you can experience the thrill in a safer, cleaner atmosphere.

Specializing in birthday parties, corporate team building events, youth groups, festivals and fairs, Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield will do everything possible to make sure your event is unique and unforgettable. The visually stunning inflatables make for an incredible 3D experience and can be played in many conditions– indoors, outdoors, rain, fog, day, and night. Every game is under the close supervision of our trained commanders and/or regulators, which make sure all participants, are following the rules of the field. Safety and fun are first and foremost.

Player’s use cutting edge technological gaming guns that help let participant’s recreate their favorite movie or computer game. Feel like stepping into a live computer game of Halo, Call of Duty, or Counter Strike. Now is your opportunity. Our gaming guns have a realistic look, feel, and sound that can be set to either military or sci-fi modes.

The core technology used is focused infrared light, similar to a television remote control. No projectiles means no bruising like other combat games. This leads to a safer, more interactive experience for gamers 6 yrs and up.

Put down that XBOX, Playstation, and Wii controller, hunting rifle, paintball or airsoft gun, and call us today. Fully insured for any function.
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      Email: info@bliveb.com
      Steven Bennett AKA "Stringer"
      Battlefield LIVE Bakersfield
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